A lightweight Discord music bot written in go with minimal dependencies. Optimized for low CPU (not RAM) usage and responsive playback. Directly uses youtube-dl and ffmpeg for downloading media.
Updated 2022-09-20 01:23:44 +02:00
A simple, easy-to-deploy Discord music bot written in go. Supports YouTube, Spotify and hundreds of other sites using youtube-dl.
Updated 2022-10-01 20:01:10 +02:00
Lädt öffentlich zugängliche Literatur von projekt-gutenberg.org herunter und speichert diese als Markdown-Dokument ab. Downloads free public domain German literature from projekt-gutenberg.org and converts it into Markdown.
Updated 2021-07-26 13:53:16 +02:00
A program that extracts the individual tracks from an Ogg/Vorbis or mp3 radio stream. Written in go without any non-standard dependencies.
Updated 2021-07-26 14:01:04 +02:00