Calculates the input while respecting operator precedence, parentheses, etc. Not designed to be useful.
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/* vim: set filetype=c: */
#ifndef _ERROR_H_
#define _ERROR_H_
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdio.h>
typedef struct Result Result;
struct Result {
bool has_err;
char* err_str;
extern Result Result_err(char* err_str);
extern Result Result_noerr();
/* err_prefix: string to print before the error, if on occurred; prints nothing if it has value NULL
* no_err: string to print if no error occured; prints nothing if it has value NULL
* err_file: where to output the string, if an error has occurred
* no_err_file: where to output, if no error has occurred */
extern void Result_print_err_or(const Result obj, const char* err_prefix, const char* no_err, FILE* err_file, FILE* no_err_file);
#endif /* _ERROR_H_ */