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# Circuit Logic Simulator #
### Build Instructions ###
1. **Install dependencies:**
1. **Install dependencies**
- Qt base: `qt5-base`
- QMake: `qt5-tools`
- Compiler: `g++` or `clang`, must support C++ 11 or later
- Note that your distro's package names might vary. All provided package names are those used by Archlinux.
2. **Clone the repository and cd into it:**
2. **Clone the repository and cd into it**
$`git clone`
$`cd circuit-logic-simulator`
3. **Create a build directory and cd into it:**
3. **Create a build directory and cd into it**
$`mkdir build`
$`cd build`
4. **Configure build using QMake:**
4. **Configure build using QMake**
$`qmake ..`
5. **Start build (replace 4 with the number of threads you have to speed it up)**
$`make -j 4`
6. **Run the executable:**
6. **Run the executable**
There should now be an executable file called `CircuitSimulator` in your
build folder. You can put it anywhere or run it with: