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#ifndef SCENE_H
#define SCENE_H
// The Scene class holds all important information to make a circuit work graphically.
// This includes things like undo, redo, etc...
#include <QGraphicsScene>
#include "ePartType.h"
#include "CircuitBuffer.h"
#include "UndoCommands/CopyParts.h"
class MainWindow;
class Part;
class Wire;
class Connector;
class FileHandler;
class Logic;
class CopyParts;
class Scene : public QGraphicsScene
friend class Part;
friend class Wire;
friend class Connector;
friend class MainWindow;
friend class AddPart;
friend class RemoveParts;
friend class AddWire;
friend class RemoveWire;
friend class CopyParts;
friend class IntegratedCircuit;
friend class Logic;
friend class CircuitBuffer;
Scene(QGraphicsView *parentGfxView, MainWindow *parentMainWindow);
void updateGraphics();
void undo();
void redo();
// Initialized a Copy (only puts the parts into copy buffer)
void initCopy(const QList<Part*> &parts, const QList<Wire*> &wires);
// Does the copy using previously populated copy buffer (pastes parts from copy buffer)
void doCopy(bool relToMousePos = false);
// Adds an IC undoably
void addIC(QString filename);
// Adds part undoably
void addPart(PartType::PartType partType);
// Adds wire undoably
void addWire(Connector* inputConnector, Connector* outputConnector);
// Removes part undoably
void removeParts(const QList<Part*>& parts);
// Removes wire undoably
void removeWire(Wire* wire);
// Undoably moves parts
void moveParts(const QList<Part*>& parts, QPointF relPos);
MainWindow *m_parentMainWindow;
QGraphicsView *m_parentGfxView;
Logic *m_logic;
QUndoStack *m_undoStack;
Connector* m_selectedInputConnector = nullptr;
Connector* m_selectedOutputConnector = nullptr;
CircuitBuffer m_copyBuffer;
void startTrackingPart(Part* part);
void stopTrackingPart(Part* part);
void startTrackingWire(Wire* wire);
void stopTrackingWire(Wire* wire);
// Called by Connector when it is clicked, for example when creating or deleting wires
void connectorClicked(Connector *connector);
// Removal is done undoably
void removeConnectorsConnections(Connector *connector);
// Called by Part when moved by mouse. Only called by the Part that was under the mouse pointer while moved
void partMoved(QPointF delta);
#endif // SCENE_H