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#error expr_config.h should not be imported by any files other than expr.c
static double fn_sqrt(Expr *e, ExprArg *args) {return sqrt(args[0].Num); }
static double fn_cbrt(Expr *e, ExprArg *args) {return cbrt(args[0].Num); }
static double fn_pow(Expr *e, ExprArg *args) {return pow(args[0].Num, args[1].Num); }
static double fn_exp(Expr *e, ExprArg *args) {return exp(args[0].Num); }
static double fn_ln(Expr *e, ExprArg *args) {return log(args[0].Num); }
static double fn_log(Expr *e, ExprArg *args) {return log(args[1].Num) / log(args[0].Num);}
static double fn_mod(Expr *e, ExprArg *args) {return fmod(args[0].Num, args[1].Num); }
static double fn_round(Expr *e, ExprArg *args) {return round(args[0].Num); }
static double fn_floor(Expr *e, ExprArg *args) {return floor(args[0].Num); }
static double fn_ceil(Expr *e, ExprArg *args) {return ceil(args[0].Num); }
static double fn_sin(Expr *e, ExprArg *args) {return sin(args[0].Num); }
static double fn_cos(Expr *e, ExprArg *args) {return cos(args[0].Num); }
static double fn_tan(Expr *e, ExprArg *args) {return tan(args[0].Num); }
static double fn_asin(Expr *e, ExprArg *args) {return asin(args[0].Num); }
static double fn_acos(Expr *e, ExprArg *args) {return acos(args[0].Num); }
static double fn_atan(Expr *e, ExprArg *args) {return atan(args[0].Num); }
static double fn_sinh(Expr *e, ExprArg *args) {return sinh(args[0].Num); }
static double fn_cosh(Expr *e, ExprArg *args) {return cosh(args[0].Num); }
static double fn_tanh(Expr *e, ExprArg *args) {return tanh(args[0].Num); }
static double fn_asinh(Expr *e, ExprArg *args) {return asinh(args[0].Num); }
static double fn_acosh(Expr *e, ExprArg *args) {return acosh(args[0].Num); }
static double fn_atanh(Expr *e, ExprArg *args) {return atanh(args[0].Num); }
static double fn_abs(Expr *e, ExprArg *args) {return fabs(args[0].Num); }
static double fn_hypot(Expr *e, ExprArg *args) {return hypot(args[0].Num, args[1].Num); }
static double fn_polar(Expr *e, ExprArg *args) {return atan2(args[1].Num, args[0].Num); }
static double fn_max(Expr *e, ExprArg *args) {return fmax(args[0].Num, args[1].Num); }
static double fn_min(Expr *e, ExprArg *args) {return fmin(args[0].Num, args[1].Num); }
static double fn_rad(Expr *e, ExprArg *args) {return args[0].Num / M_PI * 180.0; }
static double fn_deg(Expr *e, ExprArg *args) {return args[0].Num / 180.0 * M_PI; }
static double fn_set(Expr *e, ExprArg *args) {
expr_set_var(e, args[0].Str, args[1].Num);
return args[1].Num;
static ExprArgType arg_types_n[] = {ExprArgTypeNum };
static ExprArgType arg_types_nn[] = {ExprArgTypeNum, ExprArgTypeNum};
static ExprArgType arg_types_sn[] = {ExprArgTypeStr, ExprArgTypeNum};
static const char *arg_names_x[] = {"x" };
static const char *arg_names_xy[] = {"x", "y" };
static const char *arg_names_nx[] = {"n", "x" };
static const char *arg_names_name_val[] = {"name", "value"};
static ExprBuiltinFunc _builtin_funcs[] = {
{"sqrt", "square root of x", fn_sqrt, arg_names_x, arg_types_n, 1},
{"cbrt", "cube root of x", fn_cbrt, arg_names_x, arg_types_n, 1},
{"pow", "x^y", fn_pow, arg_names_xy, arg_types_nn, 2},
{"exp", "e^x", fn_exp, arg_names_x, arg_types_n, 1},
{"ln", "natural log (base e) of x", fn_ln, arg_names_x, arg_types_n, 1},
{"log", "log (base n) of x", fn_log, arg_names_nx, arg_types_nn, 2},
{"mod", "x%y", fn_mod, arg_names_xy, arg_types_nn, 2},
{"round", "closest integer to x", fn_round, arg_names_x, arg_types_n, 1},
{"floor", "greatest integer less than x", fn_floor, arg_names_x, arg_types_n, 1},
{"ceil", "smallest integer grater than x", fn_ceil, arg_names_x, arg_types_n, 1},
{"sin", "sine of x", fn_sin, arg_names_x, arg_types_n, 1},
{"cos", "cosine of x", fn_cos, arg_names_x, arg_types_n, 1},
{"tan", "tangent of x", fn_tan, arg_names_x, arg_types_n, 1},
{"asin", "inverse sine of x", fn_asin, arg_names_x, arg_types_n, 1},
{"acos", "inverse cosine of x", fn_acos, arg_names_x, arg_types_n, 1},
{"atan", "inverse tangent of x", fn_atan, arg_names_x, arg_types_n, 1},
{"sinh", "hyperbolic sine of x", fn_sinh, arg_names_x, arg_types_n, 1},
{"cosh", "hyperbolic cosine of x", fn_cosh, arg_names_x, arg_types_n, 1},
{"tanh", "hyperbolic tangent of x", fn_tanh, arg_names_x, arg_types_n, 1},
{"asinh", "inverse hyperbolic sine of x", fn_asinh, arg_names_x, arg_types_n, 1},
{"acosh", "inverse hyperbolic cosine of x", fn_acosh, arg_names_x, arg_types_n, 1},
{"atanh", "inverse hyperbolic tangent of x", fn_atanh, arg_names_x, arg_types_n, 1},
{"abs", "absolute value of x", fn_abs, arg_names_x, arg_types_n, 1},
{"hypot", "sqrt(x^2+y^2)", fn_hypot, arg_names_xy, arg_types_nn, 2},
{"polar", "polar coordinates to radians", fn_polar, arg_names_xy, arg_types_nn, 2},
{"max", "the greater value of x and y", fn_max, arg_names_xy, arg_types_nn, 2},
{"min", "the smaller value of x and y", fn_min, arg_names_xy, arg_types_nn, 2},
{"rad", "x (radians) to degrees", fn_rad, arg_names_x, arg_types_n, 1},
{"deg", "x (degrees) to radians", fn_deg, arg_names_x, arg_types_n, 1},
{"set", "(re-)set the value of a variable", fn_set, arg_names_name_val, arg_types_sn, 2},
static ExprBuiltinVar _builtin_vars[] = {
{"pi", "π", M_PI },
{"tau", "τ = 2π", 2.0 * M_PI },
{"e", "Euler's number", M_E },
{"phi", "golden ratio", 1.61803398874989484820},
{"h", "Planck constant (Js)", 6.62607015e-34 },
{"NA", "Avogadro constant (1/mol)", 6.02214076e23 },
{"c", "speed of light (m/s)", 299792458 },
{"g", "gravitational acceleration (m/s^2)", 9.80665 },
{"G", "gravitational constant (N(m/kg)^2)", 6.673889e-11 },
{"k", "Boltzmann constant (J/K)", 1.380649e-23 },