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#ifndef LOGIC_H
#define LOGIC_H
// This class has everything nescessary to load, save and step through a circuit.
// It does not handle anything graphical or related to undo/redo functionality
#include <QList>
#include <QPointF>
#include "ePartType.h"
class Part;
class Wire;
class Connector;
class Scene;
class IntegratedCircuit;
class Logic
friend class Scene;
friend class FileHandler;
friend class Part;
friend class AddPart;
friend class RemoveParts;
friend class AddWire;
friend class RemoveWire;
friend class CopyParts;
friend class CircuitBuffer;
friend class IntegratedCircuit;
Logic(Scene* parentScene = nullptr);
Scene* parentScene();
void doLogicStep();
bool saveToFile(QString filenname);
bool loadFromFile(QString filenname);
// Not undoable
IntegratedCircuit* createIC(QString filename, QPointF pos);
// Not undoable
Part* createPart(PartType::PartType partType, QPointF pos);
// Not undoable
Wire* createWire(Connector *inputConnector, Connector *outputConnector);
// Not undoable
void deletePart(Part* part);
// Not undoable
void deleteWire(Wire *wire);
// May be nullptr if there is no parent Scene and this class is purely used for logic
Scene* m_parentScene;
QList<Part*> m_parts;
QList<Wire*> m_wires;
QList<Connector*> m_inputConnectors;
QList<Connector*> m_outputConnectors;
#endif // LOGIC_H